2012 program

The program booklet is available for download.

Day 1: 6:30 – 8:30 pm Friday 9 March 2012

Forum: Closing the Poverty Gap: Creating a Fair Share for All
Hosted in partnership with One Just World

Moderator: Professor Trevor Waring AM (Chancellor and Conjoint Professor of     Psychology at The University of Newcastle)


  1. Cheryl Kernot (Chair of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, Former Member of Parliament and Director of Social Business at the Centre for Social Impact)
  2. Daniel Ben-Ami (Finance and economic journalist, Author of “Ferraris for All”)
  3. Doris Puiahi (Program Manager, Tugeda Tude fo Tumoro Project, Solomon Islands)
  4. Donnie Maclurcan (Founder and Ideas Guy at Project Australia and Co-founder of the Post Growth Institute)

Poverty in Australia is a contentious issue. It raises questions of the definitions of poverty, the distribution of wealth, the difference between developed and developing countries, as well as about the limits to growth, and how we can create a fair and sustainable world.

There are over 2.2 million Australian’s living in poverty – that’s one in every 10 people – and yet as Australians we’re comparatively lucky. Two thirds of the world’s population is poor; one third lives on less than $2.50 per day, while a sixth live in extreme poverty – less than $1.25 per day. These people spend their days just trying to survive – finding something to eat and somewhere to sleep can be the biggest challenge of all.

So how do we close the gap between rich and poor? What of the inequality between men and women that deepens as poverty worsens? Can the earth even support us if we rectify this inequality in living standards? And what are the responsibilities of Australians?

These questions are at the heart of a Fair Share for all.

You will be able to buy a bite to eat from 6:00 pm and there will be some supper after the forum.

Day 2: 10:00-5:00 Saturday 10 March 2012

Speakers, workshops, stalls, entertainment and more

10:00 am Welcome and opening

  1. Welcome to Country by Aunty Sandra Griffen
  2. Official opening by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Councillor John Tate
  3. Music – Matthew Clarke
  4. Key note speech: Towards a Fair & Sustainable Society – Dr Shann Turnbull (International Institute for Self-governance, author of Democratising the Wealth of Nations and co-author of Building Sustainable Communities: Tools and Concepts for Self-Reliant Change)

11:00 am Music, entertainment, stalls and food
Entertainment includes Ross Brown and Di Lenham

11:30 am Concurrent sessions

  1. Presentations: A fair share: finding new ways
    A. Dave Kerin (Project Worker – Eureka’s Future) Eureka’s Future Worker’s Cooperative: A co-operatively run factory.
    Eureka’s Future is a solar hot water cooperative soon to be manufacturing solar hot water units and creating jobs in regional Australia. The three pillars of the project are job creation, sustainability and workers rights. At the heart of the project is the creative use of Enterprise Bargaining Agreements to negotiate solar hot water systems as part of a wage agreement between unions and employers.
    Penny Davies (Community Development Officer – Carrathool Shire Council) Waste not want not: Sharing rejected food
    This whole of community project in Carrathool rescues produce rejected by the major super market chains as ‘out of specification’ (too big, too small, has blemishes), none of which affects the quality of the produce. Historically, this food goes to land fill, ploughed back into the ground or used as cattle feed, it is now being used to provide food for those in need in NSW and the ACT.
  2. Discussion: Community gardens– How can they flourish?
    An interactive discussion where you will be able to hear about the successes and challenges of other community gardens, to share your experience and to gain new ideas.
  3. Workshop: Learning to live better with less
    Tricia Hogbin (Blogger – Little Eco Footprints)
    An interactive workshop exploring tips on frugal living, waste reduction in the home and lunchbox, and ways you can learn to live with less.
  4. Urban Design for Sustainability
    Debra Rodrigues (CEO of Newcastle Urban EcoVillage Pty Ltd)
    Most of the world’s resource consumption occurs in urban centres. This presentation explores urban design for low cost, optimum urban living using our fair share of today’s and future resources.  Using the example of  the “Pocket EcoVillage Project” at Shortland, the talk compares a conventional housing design to an EcoVillage design. Demonstrating two designs for the same site, it presents comparisons on projected ecological footprints of residents, and profitability on investment for developers – you’ll be surprised.

12:30 pm Music, entertainment, stalls and food
Music includes Sara Jevo & the Balkan String Kings and the duo Earthbound.

1:30 pm Concurrent sessions

  1. Panel: The potential of cooperatives and for-profits in creating a fair share
    A panel of representatives discussing the potential and challenges for cooperatives and for-profits in creating a fair share
  2. Discussion: Transitioning: What works?
    Emily Grace (Transition Newcastle), Ken Johnson (The Gloucester Project) and Peter Driscoll (Transition Sydney)
    After presentations from these projects about their initiatives, there will the opportunity to share you experiences  and to hear about other ideas.
  3. Interactive workshop: Chapter 14: Permaculture beyond the garden.
    Kate Beveridge and Mark Brown (Purple Pear Organics)
    There’s more to permaculture than gardens, swales and food forests. This interactive workshop will allow you to explore some of the implications of permaculture for the wider community
  4. Panel: The resilient wisdom of elders
    What did individuals and communities do before plastic, fridges, supermarkets, TV? How will we cope if these things become less available? Hear from a panel of Elders as we go back to the future!

3:00 pm Music, entertainment, stalls and food
Including Paul Spencer and Matthew Clarke

3:30 pm Key Note Speaker Alan (Fox) Rogers (Project Director Partnerships and Engagement – Sunshine Coast Council)
In 2008 the newly created Sunshine Coast Council adopted a vision to become the most sustainable region in Australia – vibrant, green and diverse. So four years on how much has changed on the Coast? What actions have Council taken to become more sustainable? And how is Council working with the community to meet some of the key challenges of our time – climate change and peak oil, waste reduction, population growth, jobs, economic development, quality of life and social cohesion?

4:15 pm Nerds & Music

5:00 pm Finish

Day3: 10:00-3:30 Sunday 11 March 2012

10:00 am – 1:00 pm Workshops

  1. Asset Based Community Development: Building on community strengths
    Graeme Stuart and Dee Brooks (Family Action Centre, The University of Newcastle)
    Communities have many strengths and assets that can be drawn on by community groups. This workshop will be a brief introduction to Asset Based Community Development that provides a variety of approaches to identify and mobilising community resources.
  2. Spirituality and Sustainability
    A workshop exploring the relationship between spirituality and sustainability. Hear from briefly from a panel of presenters and then participate in some spiritual exercises
    Panel: Annie Rooke (Hunter Valley Quakers); Fouad Attar (Newcastle Muslim Association); Gregg Heathcote (University of Newcastle’s Buddhist chaplain); Mike Collins (Hamilton Uniting Church)
  3. Eat Your School Garden
    Leonie Shanahan (Author of “Eat your garden: Organic gardening for home and school“)
    Many schools have vegetable gardens.  Based on permaculture principles, this  workshop will explore the many aspects of creating thriving vegetable gardens.  Subjects will include;  How to design your garden, plant care and aftercare, pest control, green manure, seed saving, worm towers and more.

12:30-3:00 pm  Food, music, entertainment, ideas expo

The ideas expo will be like a market place of ideas that could change the world for the better by connecting communities, promoting localised fair economies or enabling sustainable lifestyles. Come and share your ideas or support other ideas.

Entertainment includes David Whitson (Eco Magician).

1:00-3:00 pm Workshops:

  1. Blogs, Tumblr’s  and communicating with confidence – social equity and self expression for young people in an online environment
    Tess Rendoth and Fiona Whitton (the Loft Youth Arts and Cultural Centre)
    You will be able to look at the important role that online sharing, blogs and tumblrs can play in creating a safe, fair and equal community – both online and within their own communities (both the local and international one).  You will work with other participants to create your own tumblr that revolves around the FairShare experience.  Digital photography, illustration and writing will all be explored as viable and appropriate ways of communicating in this online environment.
  2. Circus workshop for children
    Circus Avalon
    Come and join Circus Avalon in ground-based circus activities.
  3. Building a 12v sound system with pedal power workshop
    Greer Allen and Paul Spencer (Magnificent Revolution)
    This workshop is for those interested in learning how to build a sound system running on DC electricity. By the end of the workshop you will be able to build a small 12V sound system (including car stereo amplifier, mixer and speakers) that can be powered by a bicycle or directly from a battery. 12V DC is a safe form of electricity and installations running on 12V DC don’t have to be certified by an electrician.

3:00-3:30 pm Closing celebration (including performance by children, audio visual presentation from blogs & tumblrs workshops and Mick (the Didje) Davidson.

Other events and activities

Slum Survivor Over the weekend of the Festival 10 people aged 18-25 will build their own slum housing and participate in challenges that simulate different aspects of slum life.

Lady Of Justice For FairWear A community work of art where you can add your voice for an end to slavery in the garment industry by helping to create an outfit for Lady of Justice

Wattle and Daub Wall Over the weekend, help build a wall out of sustainable products. Rebecca Whan and Marcelo dos Santos from AUWA Earth will be demonstrating some earth building techniques that can be easily used in other contexts.


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