2012 Presentations

We are adding talks to this page as the festival material is approved.

The material provided here is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia License, which allows the non-commercial, free distribution of these works if you credit the “2012 Fair Share Festival” and the Author. Creative Commons License

Permissions beyond the scope of the licenses for these works may be available at https://fairsharefestival.wordpress.com/

Penny Davies – 2012FSF Carrathool Shire-Waste Not Want Not

2012FSF Emily Grace-TransitionStreetChallenge

2012FSF Fox Rogers-Sunshine Coast Council Sustainability Journey

2012FSF Graeme Stuart & Dee Brooks-Asset Based Community Development workshop

2012FSF Shann Turnbull-Towards a Fair & Sustainable Society-Ecological Capitalism

2012FSF The loft-Tumblrs, Bolgs and Social Media

2012FSF Transition-Gloucester Project

Tricia_Hogbin_Learning_to_Live_Better_With_Less (a link to her blog which includes her presentation)


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