Watch via Internet

Thanks to YellowEdge, we will be webcasting the main sessions, such as key note talks.

The Draft Program of sessions is below – some sessions may not run, or may be substituted by another session, since all participants need to give the world webcasting rights. Also, since you will tuning in a little early, you may see some of the last session.

Register with John (jafshiel (at), and follow the Setup Instructions hopefully 1 day ahead in case there are issues. If you come in at the last moment, try the Fair Share Webcast link immediately, and you may be ok.

The actual wesbcast will not be live until about 9.30am on Saturday and Sunday, and you can simply click on Faire Share Webcast at the time in the Draft webcast programme (15 mins ahead).

There is only one link for a video camera transmission, and so only the highlights can be broadcast.

On clicking the link, Blackboard Collaborate will install a Java program – so click on Open when a program appears to download. Once Blackboard Collaborate is installed, you will be able to detach and resize the video screen in the top left corner of your screen.

Draft Webcast Programme – with suggested logon times


(For One Just World session – See website for video highlights uploaded in 1 month)


9:45am – Opening/keynote

11:15am – Eureka’s Future

1:30pm – Elder workshop

3:30pm – Keynote


9:45am – Eat Your School Garden

12:15pm – Ideas Expo

1pm – Blogs & Tumbers – The Loft

2:45pm – Closing

Happy webcasting

John on behalf of Technical Team

Setup Instructions (only for first time of logging in)

There are a few things you need to do before the day of the session if possible.  Most of this only needs to be done once to be set up on your PC forever. So please make time to follow the steps before the day of our broadcast.

Meeting Name: Fair Share

To Do at least One day before our meeting (only needs to be done once per pc)

Step One – Do I have everything I need?

Please Click Here to check you have the correct system requirements. It should show a green tick.

If you do, congratulations you may move to the next part of the set up.

If you see the red cross you need to follow the instructions to download Sun Microsystem’s Java Web Start or OpenJNLP for Mac.  If you are unable to do this please contact your technical support people immediately. If you can download it and the red cross changes to a green tick, then it’s time to move onto the next step

In addition, please ensure the following:

  • You are using the computer on which you will attend your session.
  • Your computer is connected to the Internet and has a stable, reliable connection
  • You have a microphone and speakers, preferably a headset to take full advantage of the collaborative capabilities during your session. Please check with the organization or instructor hosting the session if they will be using these features.
  • You have the appropriate permissions to save files to your computer. If you are unsure, please contact your system administrator.

Step Two – What about sound?

We provide a Configuration Room that you can use to test your connection, settings, and configure your audio. This step is optional and is intended for sessions hosted on Blackboard Collaborate servers. To test your configuration for sessions hosted at your Organisation’s site, please contact your Administrator.

Note: When joining a Blackboard Collaborate v11 session for the first time you may see a security dialog box asking to confirm the application’s digital signature. Click “Run” to continue.

We strongly recommend using PC headsets or echo cancellation microphone/speakers with in BbCollaborate for the highest quality experience; though these are not mandatory. If you are not able to get your sound working please call our technical support on 1800 26 7338.

Step Three – View our Support Portal

Additional information is available through the Support Portal. You will be able to access articles on Best Practices, How to’s, Errors and Messages, and more. If the information you are looking for is not found you can contact our Support team through the portal as well.

Blackboard Support or call  1800 26 7338


You should test your audio if you cannot hear (Top menu/Tools/Audio/Audio Setup Wizard) or check your speakers or headphones. SMS or even ring John at the event on 0419 296 103 if there are any problems.

We will try to have a continuous cover for each day if possible. If there are any breaks etc. we will post updates here.

Webcasting Updates

1. Pls check your sound on entry to the room – see Troubleshooting.

2. Fri night will not be webcast, since highlights will be available on the website soon after.


3 Responses to Watch via Internet

  1. Pingback: You can watch some of the presentations over the web! | Fair Share Festival

  2. Therese Binnie says:

    I thought the festival was fantastic, but was only able to be there for a short time.
    Are the webcasts available still to view?

    • John Shiel says:

      No, sorry. We are working on putting some presentations, our higher-resolution video highlights and maybe some summaries on the web as we can process them.

      Good to hear you enjoyed the festival. Can I ask which part you enjoyed most?

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