Nicole Foss Workshop

Building Resilience in an Era of Limits to Growth

The University of Newcastle’s Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment, Transition Newcastle and Permaculture Hunter are proud to host this Fair Share Festival event in 2014.

It forms part of the national Survive and Thrive tour of sustainability experts David Holmgren and Nicole Foss.

Nicole Foss is the former editor of the Oil Drum– Canada & ran the Agri-Energy Producers’ Association of Ontario which focussed on rural renewable energy solutions. She has advised the EU and Russia on nuclear energy safety, and is highly regarded as a finance and energy expert. Nicole is a Permaculture teacher an editor of

Nicole will give a workshop on Building Resilience in an Era of Limits to Growth. She will show that we are approaching many limits to growth, some of which are imminent, raising some immediate challenges. This is due to our single-minded emphasis on the growth imperative, which is impacting finance, energy, environment, resources and climate.

Attendees will learn skills such as not falling for ponzi schemes that underlie the global financial system; preparing for lower energy profit ratios that affect our socio-economic complexity; how to shorten our vulnerable global supply chains; valuing alternative economies; and how to develop trust for its critical role in community, organisation size and effectiveness.  She will show how we need to adjust our socio-economic complexity as the energy profit of fossil fuels falls (down from 100:1 initially for oil to 10:1 recently).

This workshop will suit strategic government policy-makers of all levels; academics, teachers and researchers; owners of property and housing, particularly if mortgaged; those working in the finance industry; transitioners to low-impact living; sustainable folk; permaculturists; and young people ready to make life decisions.
There will also be limited places on free tours of the Hunter TAFE award-winning solar desiccant air conditioner.

Program:                                                              Registrations Essential

11:00am      Solar Desiccant Air Conditioning tour 11am (free – limited places)

12:30pm      Solar Desiccant Air Conditioning tour 12:30pm (free – limited places)

1:00pm for 1:30pm start         Nicole Foss Workshop

$60 / $45 concession for P/T workers, students, pensioners

Date:                                            Monday 30th June, 2014

Venue:                                         Hunter TAFE, Hamilton Campus,

91 Parry Street, Newcastle West

Enquiries:                                   John at  0419 296 103

pdf Flyer:  Foss workshop 30 June v1.0.pdf


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