David Holmgren Workshop

Crash or Crash Through – Resilience and Transformation for Rapid Climate Change and Gentle Energy Decline

The University of Newcastle’s Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment, Transition Newcastle and Permaculture Hunter are proud to host this Fair Share Festival event in 2014.

It forms part of the national Survive and Thrive tour of David Holmgren and Nicole Foss.

David Holmgren is the co-originator of Permaculture, with Bill Mollison. He is also an ecological educator and environmental designer. David has authored the landmark books:

. “Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond Sustainability” and

. “Future Scenarios: How communities can adapt to Peak Oil and Climate Change” see http://holmgren.com.au.

David will give a workshop on Crash or Crash Through – resilience and transformation for rapid climate change and gentle energy decline. He will focus on the interactions between climate chaos, oil shocks and economic contraction. David draws on the Brown Tech scenario from his Future Scenarios book & recent consultancies.

Attendees will learn skills to meet the challenges that we now face, such as the Pasha Bulka floods; the Fassifern bushfires; global financial difficulties; fuel price increases; and food price fluctuations. You will learn how to survive and thrive in the face of climate change weather extremes, peak energy, economic contraction and geopolitical stresses.

You will develop skills to resolve the ambiguities between personal and collective behaviours at various scales eg. the household/family level, the local business & community level, and the bioregional scale/local government, medium business.

This workshop will suit strategic government planners and policy-makers – council, state and federal; academics, teachers and researchers; owners of property – commercial and residential; engineers, architects, planners, builders and DIYs; transitioners to low-impact living; householders; sustainable folk; and enquiring youth.

There will also be limited places on free tours of the Hunter TAFE award-winning solar desiccant air conditioner.

Program:                                                                  Registrations Essential

8:00am for 8:30am start         David Holmgren  Workshop
$60 / $45 concession for P/T workers, students, pensioners



11:00am                                   Solar Desiccant Air Conditioning tour 11am (free – limited places)                     http://bit.ly/SrJA3v

12:30pm                                  Solar Desiccant Air Conditioning tour 12:30pm (free – limited places)                  http://bit.ly/1n1VpXB


Date:                                         Monday 30th June, 2014

Venue:                                      Hunter TAFE, Hamilton Campus,

91 Parry Street, Newcastle West

Enquiries:                                John at jafshiel@gmail.com  0419 296 103

pdf Flyer:  Holgren workshop 30 June v1.0.pdf


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