Review of the 2014 Fair Share Festival

Festival Overview

We had standing room only at the Cardiff  talks and celebration with around 200 people who warmly welcomed to the Hunter, David Holmgren, co-founder of Permaculture, and Nicole Foss, a Permaculture teacher and finance and energy expert.

There were also great attendances at the workshops given by David and Nicole on Mon 30/6/14 at Hunter TAFE, Hamilton campus.

Attendees for the talks and workshops came from all around NSW – Central Coast, South Coast, Canberra, Sydney, Mudgee and Maitland – to hear our expert speakers, and they weren’t let down.

(photos and more soon…)
The producers, Transition Newcastle, Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment and Permaculture Hunter, and all the sponsors were extremely pleased, and social reports are great.

We would like to especially like to thank our Sponsors Lake Macquarie City Council which supported the Sunday talks at Cardiff through its Environmental Sustainability Grants Program; Cardiff North Public School; Shaunie P Music; Hunter TAFE; and EnviroSustain.


David’s shorter workshop (he had to teach a PDC in Sydney that afternoon) was very well received. Peter Stevens, a lecturer from the Architecture School at the University of Newcastle, assisted David, and they gave great feedback to the attendees.

Nicole’s workshop had more time which led to good interaction. After the household, youth and business groups had presented their solutions to a Great Depression type of scenario, they were provided great feedback by Nicole and Dr Andrew Nadolny from the Business School at the University of Newcastle. Then the magic happened as the solutions cross-fertilised in a free-flowing discussion, and the wisdom of the crowd emerged.

Everyone agreed that both workshops were well-worth the time spent, and they could see many approaches to solving problems they thought previously were insurmountable.

Publications and Video Clips

We are currently working on summarising the output from the workshops, as well as editing video clips of similar but shorter talks presented in Gosford in the morning, and hope to post them here in early August.


About fairsharefestival

The Fair Share Festival is an annual event full of workshops, presentations and stalls in Newcastle, NSW discussing and celebrating sustainable social and economic options available today and in the future.
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